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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 18, 2008
"Just doing my part in the writers prompt. I had fun with this one. Oops.... Did I forget to say that this one is a two part?"

Science Fiction Holiday

The Galaxian zipped through space on its way to the milky way galaxy. The darko family was on their way to a Christmas get together on the classic world called Earth. It had been a long journey let alone a long time since the Darkos had visited their parents!

"I wonder what earth is like now!" Gerad Darko said. "It sure has been a long time since we last saw our parents."

"Thirty years three month and twelve days since we left to be exact." His wife Jenny Darko said.

"Do you think that earth looks any different?"

"I can imagine so Gerad. It has been a long time. I am sure the technologies have changed as well as the neighborhoods."

Gerad mind reminisced about growing up in his old neighborhood on Earth and all the things he did for fun and how he used to hang out at the local burger drive inn visiting and cutting it up with his friends in his 2075 Space Charger. Those were the good ole days! He smiled, That Space Charger had some power and could jump in to hyperspace in about a micro second.

"They are here! Uncle Gerad and Aunt Jenny are here!" Sarah Conway said as she ran in to the house.

The Galaxian swooped in for a landing and the dust around the ship blew everywhere as the ship landed with a small thud. The weight of the landing was soft but you could still feel the light shake of the ground as the ship landed. The engines powered off and the door to the ship opened with a small ramp leading down to Earth.

Everyone had been waiting for this day. It had been so long since everyone had been together in one place. This was the best Christmas ever for the Darkos. They didn't even care about anything else. They were just happy to be back home.

"Mom!" Gerad yelled as he left the Galaxian and rushed to recieve a long deserved hug.

"Oh Gerad we missed you so much. I was just talking to your sister Beth about how long it had been since we had a Christmas like this one!" Mary Darko said with tears of joy in her eyes.

She squeezed him hard.

"Jenny!" Mary moved to Jenny and hugged her just as tight. "It's so wonderful to see you!"

"Likewise." she said.

"Uncle Gerad! Uncle Gerad!" Sarah said as she ran and jumped up on to Gerad almost causing him to lose his balance.

"Hey there Sarah." Gerad squeezed her hard. "I am so glad I get to see you in person. You look even cuter than those pictures your mom has sent me. Did you get all my letters?"

"I sure did! I have been looking forward to this all day!" She hugged his neck again.

"Come let's all go in and get caught up." Everyone is dying to meet you." Mary stated

"Mom I will be there in the minute I just have to go and get all the gifts and packages we brought."

"Gerad I told you not to bring anything and that your visit was the best gift ever!" She pointed with that finger. It brought back wondrous memories of the times that Gerad would get in to trouble and his mom pointed that finger at him.

"I know. But it just didn't feel right not bring anything when everyone else did. I will be right in. Come on Sarah you can give me a hand. I have something for you!"

Sarah and Gerad took hands and ran up the ramp in to the ship and disappeared.

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