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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Trent on April 3, 2013

I See Stories

“I see dead people.” Not being a fan of horror, I had to google the source. You of course know it to be from “Sixth Sense.” The quote comes to mind not because I desire that ability but to offer an explanation for the one that I wish I had.

”I see stories.”

Every day you interact with people. If one of those people seems somewhat odd you may comment to a friend “What’s his story?” I ask that question constantly and it has nothing to with oddness. It has to do with an understanding that each person is unique.

Everyone has a story.

A favorite line I use when meeting someone new is “Tell me your life story in two minutes or less.” Obviously this is not typically the place to begin a conversation but there is an art to fitting it in to the right moment. I have learned much from the conversations that ensue after those two minutes. Each story is unique and each one worthy of being told.

We are telling a story.

Only you possess your perspective. Only you can tell your stories your way. Now, get busy and do it.

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