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3rd Grader Adeeb from Canada asks, "Why did you create this game?"

Well, Adeeb, you might not have realized it, but there are lots of games on this site! In fact, there 16 math games, 15 word games, 13 strategy games/puzzles, plus a whole lot of other games, quizzes, and puzzles. So if you thought there was just one game here, you should definitely look around a bit, and see what else you can find!

In general terms, the reason I created this site with all its games, is because I wanted to provide something that would be helpful to teachers and their students. At first (about 13 years ago, when I created the site) there was a bunch of math problems, and just one or two games (Hangman was the very first game I created for the site). For a few years, I got busy with other things, and didn't spend any time paying attention to what was happening at this site.

Then, one day, I came back to look at the site, and was astounded to see that there were about 1,000 people visiting the site every week, and I had no idea so many people were finding the site useful.

At that point, I decided it was time to add more to the site - after all, if people thought Hangman was useful, wouldn't they find a lot of other games and puzzles useful, too?

So over time I kept building and building. Teachers would send me ideas, friends would suggest even more ideas, and a lot of people helped to test out the new games whenever something new showed up on the site.

Now the site is so big I don't even know how many pages it has! Two years ago we started a big redesign of the site that allowed teachers to create their own mazes, puzzles, math problems, quizzes, and more, so the site continues to grow, all the time!

And the number of people who visit the site every week continues to grow...we used to be at around 1,000 visitors per week, but now we get more than that in one day! We usually have about 15,000 visitors every week.

I hope that helped answer your question, and I hope you have fun discovering more games on the site!

Professor Puzzler

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