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scrounge: /skrounj/ informal verb: to actively seek [books] from any available source

I can't say I've read my children many picture books that focus on a (currently) illegal activity, which is partly why The Man Who Walked between the Towers is so interesting. I'd heard the story of this tightrope walk before, in generalities, but just kind of assumed it was an "approved" act. But no, in 1974 Philippe Petit really did sneak a large roll of cable into the World Trade Center and fasten the cable (with help) between the towers so he could walk and perform at a dizzying height.

This book treats the story fairly matter-of-factly, without moralizing or giving excessive words or details. The illustrations are certainly evocative, and remind me why I'd never even attempt anything this crazy! Petit must have been out of his mind, and yet there's a part of me that has to admire his charisma and courage/insanity a little after reading this.

Scrounged From: Our local library

Format: Hardcover
Author/Illustrator: Mordicai Gerstein
Pages: 34
Content Advisory: The act described is illegal and dangerous, so there is that. But I don't get the impression that the book is encouraging such things.

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