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Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Ratio are the basis for many interesting problem solving questions and math classroom activities.
An example of arithmetic series and geometric series, with application for math classes, or leadership conferences and seminars
Formulas and homework problems for sequences and series
Logarithm worksheet - basic problems for students learning the fundamental properties of logarithms
Trigonometry and Anatomy have an etymological connection. This math lesson plan shows the strange word development of 'sine'.
Using a story about Karl Freidrich Gauss's childhood schooling to illustrate a point about arithmetic sequences
Help students work through a challenging math problem involving interest compounded continuously
A unit on basic right angle trigonometry as preparation for a Physics course

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Composite Functions and Function Values, Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio, Function Composition, Function Domain Worksheet

Understanding Coronavirus Spread

A Question and Answer session with Professor Puzzler about the math behind infection spread.

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