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Problems involving mixtures, including solutions, coins, populations - Algebra One Problems
A set of problems for students to solve - each related to Christmas
Word problems involving ages of people. Worksheet includes problem with both one, two or three people
Units cancellation technique for solving word problems - math problems in which two or more people work together to accomplish a task.
Simple word problems, involving a single equation, and always using the word 'is' as the indicator for the equals
Converting a statement in a word problem into an equation can sometimes be simplified by rewriting the sentence
Recognizing the balance point of a sentence when the verb 'to be' shows up multiple times
Solving Algebra Word Problems - steps and examples for solving word problems in Algebra

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Age Word Problems, Christmas Problem Solving, Mixture Problems, Rewriting Word Problem Statements, Steps to Solve Algebra Word Problems, Word Problem Worksheets 1, Word Problem Worksheets 2, Word Problem Worksheets 3, Word Problem Worksheets 4 (Geometry Formulas)

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