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Hangman was the very first game built on The Problem Site!  It has remained largely unchanged since the beginning.  The graphical interface was slightly tweaked a couple years ago, but this is a brand new hangman!

The dictionary (over 127 thousand words!) is the same, but this hangman game is animated.  Don't worry, it's no more gruesome and macabre than the old version.  The new version has an animation of a pencil drawing the gallows and person.

For now I have left out the option to choose whether you are allowed 9, 10, 11, or 12 guesses; that option never seemed to get a lot of use anyway; I think most people felt that 9 was a reasonable number of guesses to make an interesting, but not too challenging game.

If you have an old browser, the animation will not show. Instead, you should see the same old image from the old version of the site.

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