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We're trying something different with Word Funnel.  It's not reasonable to do a high score list based on a single play of the game, since everyone gets a different board, and some boards are much harder than others.  So we've created a 'multi-level' mode of play for the game, which allows for high score lists.

In multi-level mode, each "game" is really just a single level of a larger game.  When you finish a level (either because you submit the last word, or because you ran out of time), if you have at least four out of six valid words, your move on to the next level.  In each successive level, you have five seconds less to complete the words.  Thus, on level 2, you have 55 seconds, on level 3, 50 seconds, etc.

If you don't have at least four valid words, your game is over.


Your game score, then, is the sum of all your level scores, and that's the number which appears in the high score lists.

Don't like the pressure of multi-level mode?  That's okay!  You can choose to disable it in your game options!

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