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Adders and Trio Match are two games which have both been around for a long time.  Both were programmed as Flash applications, and since Flash is not mobile friendly, these two games are getting a 100% redesign from the bottom up.  Not a single line of code is getting reused.

In addition, both games are undergoing some changes in the game play.  Both games were built while my understanding of game design was still in its infancy, and the games suffer from some design flaws as a result.  


The main flaw with Adders is that there is very little grace in the game play.  You hit a wall and you're toast.  True, you have two more lives, but there is very little room for error before the game is finished.  With the new version, you're still toast if you crash into yourself, or if you hit an exterior wall, BUT, colliding with an interior wall will only mark a strike against you, and it takes three strikes to lose one of your three lives.

In other words, the length of a game has potential to be increased drastically.  It is my hope that this will make a more pleasurable playing experience.

Trio Match

Trio Match suffers from two simple flaws:

  1. Without different "levels," there is no sense of accomplishment - only a sense of impending doom as the number of blocks available continually marches toward zero.
  2. It is very challenging for newcomers, who tend to give up before they begin to appreciate the depths of game play possibilities that the game offers.

Combined, these two flaws made the game unappealing to all but a small group of people.  Personally, I love the game, but I'm in a minority.  The changes made to Trio Match are designed to help alleviate the two problems above.

  1. Levels have been introduced into the game play, with different things happening at each level.  In addition, bonus blocks are awarded at the end of a level, leading players to think, "If only I can get to the next level, I'll be able to keep going longer..."
  2. In the first two levels, extra shapes have been added, which makes it much easier for players to get matches of "all different" attributes.  This allows players to have a sense of success and accomplishment as it gradually becomes harder.

Please give both games a try, and give your feedback about what you do and don't like about the game play!

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