Go Pro!

The big news for the morning is that we've got Blackberry Game on the site now.  This game is very similar to Telephone Game, but it is much simpler, because there are only two letters per blackberry key (and some keys only have one letter!).

For this reason, many of our teen and adult members much prefer the greater challenge of Telephone Game, but younger children find Blackberry Game to be more at their difficulty level.

Give Blackberry Game a try here.

A few small tweaks this morning.

  1. The game board has been rearranged for Picture Word and Hangman, so the alphabet is at the bottom of the game board, like it is for Secret Word.  This is to maintain consistency, and to (hopefully) make game play easier for mobile users.
  2. Last Candle was given a very minor tweak to help keep the size of the candles consistent, so you don't sometimes have huge candles, and other times really small candles.
  3. If you bookmark, you shouldn't have to keep going back to the DevTester page on the old site to renew your access.  The only time you'll need to go back there is if you stay away for more than 7 days, or I have a specific user account update that needs to be transferred over to your account on the new site.


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