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Two new games have been added to the site, so if you're interested in testing either of them, here they are:

Secret Number  
This is the game that used to be called "Secret Number 2" on the old site.  Use the clues the site gives you to determine the secret 3-digit number.  In this version there is no text area to enter your guess; simply type the number you want, and it'll show up in the highlighted box.  The highlighting rotates through the three available digits.

Note that renaming this game to "Secret Number" means that the game which used to be called "Secret Number" now needs a new name!  I have a thread in the discussion forum for people to suggest new names for that game.

Rotating Block Puzzle
The graphic experience for this game has been significantly improved from the old site; now you can actually see the blocks rotate, which helps the player visualize how this really works.  Your goal, if you're not familiar with the puzzle from the old site, is to get the four colors together in the four corners of the playing board.  This is a challenging puzzle, so you may want to start out with the difficulty set to "Novice".  When it is set to novice, the puzzle can be solved by rotating only one set of blocks.

Bug Fixes
One of our members pointed out that if you are on a mobile device, and shift your screen orientation, the "Game Over" dialog is no longer centered.  This should be fixed now.  Also, the same member noted that if you close and reopen the "Game Over" dialog, the buttons no longer work.  This should also be fixed.


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