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On the current version of The Problem Site, Pro Membership costs $5.00.  On the NEW version of the site, it will cost $10.00.  The reason for this is simple: Pro Membership on the new site will provide a vast array of new features that didn't exist on the old site.  Read more about Pro Features here: Pro Membership Features.

Thus, if you're interested in getting a pro membership, it would be smart to do it between now and July, so you can get in under the old pricing, and get all the new features for half the price.

A Note For Pro Members

We're currently redesigning the way your "Media Galleries" work, in order to make it more simple to add images to your content.  Instead of creating a media gallery, adding pictures, and then going to your quiz/problem/maze page, and inserting the image, the creation of media galleries will all happen behind the scenes, allowing you to create your content all on one page.  It'll be MUCH easier to use.

In the meantime, the "Media Galleries" link has disappeared while we wrap up these changes.  This means that some features are temporarily inaccessible.  You can still create most of your content, but for a few days you'll need to stick to "text only" content.  A notice will be posted in the "PRO" forum when the media galleries are back online.

Thanks for your patience while we make improvements!

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