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Not only is the printables section of the site done, but there are three new printable worksheets available:

Many of the printables have more configuration options, including the new Equation Obfuscator.

The obfuscator takes simple equations like 3x + y = 9 and performs a variety of operations on them to make them into more complex equations.

For example, depending on the settings you chose for the obfuscator, you might get equations such as:

  • 3x = 9 - y
  • 2x - y = 9 - 2y - x
  • 2(x - 4) + 1 = -y - (x - 2)

This will allow teachers to create worksheets that are very straightforward, or equations that provide more of a challenge for students.

We welcome your input and ideas for the existing worksheets, as well as suggestions for new worksheets.  Also, if you find any issues with the existing worksheets, please let us know!

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