Go Pro!

All but three of the games (Spy Chess, Fizziks, and Snowflake Maker) have been converted over to the new version.  All of the reference units are online (but not thoroughly proofread).  The quizzes are online, the Printables are online (with the exception of many mazes which have not been set up on the new site).  We don't have instructions in place for the new versions of the games.

We have a lot left to do.  Nevertheless, our goal is to have the new site LIVE over the weekend of July 4th.  Why?  Because it's the second lowest traffic weekend of the year (Christmas is first, of course!).  Thus, if there are glitches in the switchover process, it'll affect the least number of people.

Also, since it's the beginning of the summer, it gives us a couple months to tweak things before school is in session again!

This means the next week and a half are going to be very busy for us.  

It also means that if you have some bug reports that you haven't told us about, now is the time to share them!

Thanks so much for all the help you've provided!

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