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One of the things that makes our quiz department unique is that the quizzes are primarly filled with valuable educational content, unlike many quiz sites that are filled with quizzes like "Which movie describes your life?" Quizzes like those are a lot of fun, but we want to make sure that our quizzes are more valuable than just "fun".

You can see from the image on the right that our quizzes cover a wide variety of topics in the educational curriculum (click the image to see an enlarged version).

So what's the new feature? Now when you finish a quiz, you can share your quiz results on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. We'd like to ask that, if you appreciate the educational content we provide free of charge to schools and individuals, you take the time to complete one of our quizzes and share your quiz results on social media. This would be a wonderful way to let your friends know about The Problem Site, and will only take you a couple short minutes.

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Here's a sample question from our quiz about American Literature:

And here is a sample of some of our featured quizzes on the site.



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