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Recently I had the following brief conversation with someone:

"I really like playing Cross Search." (coming from someone who leans more toward math and science, this surprised me). "Do you know why?"


"Because there are only four words in it. It's a quick game, and I can play it without a large time commitment."

Which reminded me that there are some games on the site that do require a larger time commitment - games like Trio Match, Quadratic Rush, and One to Ten.

It occurred to me then that the "One to Ten" concept could easily be re-worked to create a new game that is, like some of the other games, much quicker to play.

Thus, The Operations Game was born. This game looks very much like "One to Ten," except that instead of having to find 10 different numbers, you're only given one target number. In other words, each game is exactly one problem solving activity, instead of ten, all bundled into one game.

This should be great for people who might be thinking, "Oh, I don't have time right now to play an entire game of One to Ten!" but do have time for a much shorter game.

There are 3,000 Operations Game puzzles on the site, so you should be able to play for a long time without seeing a repeat.

Also, this game now appears on the "Daily" page as well.

Play The Operations Game

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