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With a week and a half left until Thanksgiving, it's time to share some of the Thanksgiving themed resources some of our Pro Members have provided this year. Let's start with the mazes!

Thanksgiving Mazes: We have eight new Thanksgiving themed printables mazes on the site, including a turkey, male and female pilgrims, a cornucopia, and more. When you visit a maze page, you will have the option to choose small, medium, and large mazes. Each size maze has the same outward shape, but the larger mazes have more paths inside them, and therefore are more challenging.

If you can't find the maze you want, getting started as a Pro Member is very inexpensive, and this will allow you to create your own mazes!

Thanksgiving Problems: Yes, that's right; we've had a few "Thanksgiving themed" math and science problems added to the site this year. There's a multi-variable algebra problem in which you must determine how many guests came to the Thanksgiving gathering; a physics problem about an escaped Thanksgiving turkey; and a counting principles problem about how many different ways your Thanksgiving feast could be served. There are other problems as well, so be sure to check them all out!

Thanksgiving Word Lists: We have several new Thanksgiving themed word lists on the site. These lists can be used to create printable jumble worksheets, word search puzzles, and our very own CrossSearch puzzles. Also, if you have a Virtual Classroom subscription, you can assign interactive games based on these word lists to your students!

Thanksgiving Quiz: We have just one Thanksgiving themed quiz on the site right now, titled "The First Thanksgiving." This quiz will test your knowledge of the harvest feast enjoyed by the Plymouth colonists and their Native American neighbors in the 1600s. When you're done the quiz, use the share buttons to tell your friends on social media how you did on the quiz!

We hope you enjoy this new content, and can make use of it in your classrooms!

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