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We have several free resources to share with you for the Christmas and winter season. At the end of this post we'll also share our virtual "Christmas Card" with you, our visitors.

First, I thought I'd mention that we're doing an "Advent Calendar" with our son Toby this year, and today's calendar activity was "Do a Christmas themed maze." Of course, I knew right where to go for that; we have quite a selection of Christmas themed mazes, including a folder of Nativity themed mazes.

Want to try out our Nativity Narrative quiz? It'll test your knowledge of the Christmas story. Once you've tried that, you might want to try our Christmas Carols quiz as well.

We also have several new Christmas themed word lists that you can use to create word search puzzles, jumbles, and other activities. You can find these word lists here: Christmas Vocabulary Games. Don't forget that if you can't find exactly the maze , quiz, or vocabulary list you were looking for, Pro Members have the ability to make their own mazes and word search lists!

Some of my Algebra students have been getting in the "Christmas Spirit" with some holiday themed math problems as well. You can find the Christmas themed puzzles and math problems by clicking here: Christmas problems and puzzles.

We've also added a short reference unit with reading comprehension questions and research questions related to the two "Christmas Songs" (the song of Zacharias and Mary's Magnificat) recorded in the Gospel of Luke. You can find that unit here: Christmas Songs from Luke's Gospel.

Also, don't forget that during the winter season, children will have a lot of fun making snowflakes and snowstorms!

Our Virtual Christmas Card

The Virtual Christmas card my wife and I have put together to share with our website community is a video, based on a poem written by Henry van Dyke, music by myself, and a variety of photographs of refugees and refugee camps through the world in recent history.

Intrigued? Here it is: Our Virtual Christmas Card.

We wish you all a very wonderful and blessed holiday season.

Doug and Laura

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