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Recently we've had a report of a couple of our games no longer functioning properly in some mobile devices. We're working on tracking down the source of those glitches. Some have been repaired, others we're still working on. If you have a mobile device, and one of your favorite games is no longer working the way it used to, please let us know about the trouble you're experiencing. You can contact us most easily by clicking the "Ask Professor Puzzler" link at the bottom of any page. Be sure to mention which game you're having difficulty with, and explain in as much detail as you can, the problem you're having.

Speaking of Professor Puzzler, the "Ask Professor Puzzler" blog is really the new and updated version of an old blog called "Ask Doug" that the site administrator started back in 2005. Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be taking the contents of that old blog and re-publishing the posts on Professor Puzzler's blog. In most cases, the publication dates will remain in the distant past, so you won't actually see most of the posts crop up on the main page of the Ask Professor Puzzler blog. However, once in awhile, we'll find one we think is particularly interesting, and we'll update it and republish it with the current date. For example, this morning we just republished the blog post about The Diameter of the Internet.

The "Ask Professor Puzzler" blog has become a very popular point on the site in the last few weeks. Yesterday, for example, more than one third of the people visiting The Problem Site were people who were looking for information on the Professor Puzzler blog!

This is great, but at the same time, all those people who came to read one page and then left again - we wish they knew about all the other resources on the site. Accordingly, we added a new game to the Professor Puzzler blog. At the bottom of the first post on each page of the blog there is an inline game called "The Daily Scrambler." It's a very simple game in which you have to unscramble one word. When you finish, the site will show a "Game Over" window that invites the player to try other games on the site. We're hoping this will become an incentive for people to stay longer on the site.

This new game only appears on the Professor Puzzler blog, so if you want to play the new Scrambler each day, add the Professor Puzzler blog to your list of daily visits!


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