Go Pro!

Many of our members come back day after day to play specific games. Your favorite games might be Secret Word and Scrambled Word. Or maybe you prefer logic and strategy games like Trio Match, Entrapment, and Diamond Slide.

And you might be one of our many Daily Puzzle addicts.

Up until just a week ago, if you had multiple games you liked to play, every time you come to the site, you would have to look up each game individually on the game page, and then go back to look up the next one when you were finished the first.

We have added a great new feature called "My Game Sequence." This feature lets you select the games you want to play, in the order you want to play them. Once you've set up your game sequence, all you have to do is click "My Next Game" each time you finish one game, and you'll automatically leap to the next game on your list.

This feature comes with Pro Membership, which gives you access to a lot of other features as well. For a $5.00 one-time fee, that's a great deal!

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