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Recently we've had a few printable mazes added to the site. Mostly these are related to upcoming holidays. There are a couple mazes related to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, some new president mazes for Presidents' Day, several new Valentine's Day mazes, and a couple new St. Patrick's Day mazes as well.

For a full directory of all the mazes on the site, go here: Printable Maze Directory.

If you're a pro-member, you can also create your own mazes for special occasions, or just for fun!

On the other hand, in case you're the sort of person who would rather be out enjoying the snow, here's another idea for you: make a maze in the snow! It's actually easier than you might think, and you just need to follow some simple rules to create your own snow maze.

Here's a picture of a snow maze I made for my son and I to play in this afternoon. Click the image to get a larger view.

  1. Your entire maze will be one single, connected path with many forks in it. Once you've started a path, you can turn, you can fork, but you should never leap out of your path to start a new, disconnected path.
  2. When you want to create a fork, backtrack along your path and select a fork point, and walk in a new direction. The repeated backtracking will also help pack your path down.
  3. Make sure you have several forks that go a good distance; if all the forks are very short, it will be obvious to the maze solver that it goes nowhere.
  4. Forks should always go out from a path, but never reconnect to the path at the other end. In other words, every fork is eventually a dead end.

Once the maze is made, pick one of the dead ends as the ending point of the maze, and stand at that endpoint. Tell the solver where the starting point is, and let them try to get to you without stepping out of the path.

The beauty of this is, for every fork you made, there's an endpoint, and every endpoint can be a place for you to stand. Every time you move to a new endpoint, you've created a whole new maze for the solver, just by standing in a different place.

My son and I had a blast with this maze.

When you're done, come on inside, make some hot chocolate, and print off a maze to try together on paper!

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