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Rate and Time

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My son can't wait for Christmas. Here is a math problem about how long until Christmas
A clock self-adjusts for Daylight Savings Time by moving ahead at high speed
A word problem involving a speed reader and his books
Calculate the distance, based on information about the walker's speed and time
Calculate the average speed for a journey, based on two journey legs
A problem involving direct and inverse variation and rates
A woman walks from one city to another while her dog runs to greet her
A rate problem involving two people mowing lawns

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A Boy and a Half, A Long Walk, Arrival Time, Auburn to Bangor, Average Speed, Birds of a Feather, Building a Wall, Cars and Units, City A to City B, Daylight Savings Time, Fast Reader, Jack and Jane, Lawnmower Race, Maria and Fido, Monkey in the Middle, Mowing Lawns, Owen and the Books, Sam and Sandy Race, Three Racers, Traveling to the City, Waiting for Christmas

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