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Angle measures of a triangle, given information about the digits of the angles
In a triangle the angles meet certain criteria. Can you determine what the angles are?
Find the area of a triangle, given information about altitude and angles
Angles of three triangles are given in terms of x, y, and z
Angles of an isosceles triangle - find x and y, and then the angles
Triangle, squares, area, and side length problem
Can you find the missing angle in the described diagram?
Find the value of y, given that the figure has the minimum possible perimeter

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Angle Bisector, Angle Measure, Angle Riddle, Angles in a Triangle, Arithmetic Angles, Forty-five and Thirty, Quadratic Triangle, Split Triangle, Three Triangles, Three Two-Digit Angle Measures, Triangle and Rectangle, Triangle in a Square, Triangle in a Square, Triangle Variables, Two Triangles with Angle Measures

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