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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on March 3, 2011
"this was a nice exercise to write about just off the top of my head "

Me and my Computer

The biggest pet peeve I have is the amount of time it takes my computer to fumction . It's like slow motion for me . My frustration is stretched like a rubber balloon ready to be blown into and I don't have enough strength to even blow a little! Yes! the exclaimation point says it all loud and clear. The most important detail of all is that I have just become aquainted with my computer. We just met. Hmm... I wonder what our relationship will be like in the minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,and years to come will be like? I would equate this relationship to any thing we relate to ,time, and in time everything evolves. It's safe to say, my computer is a brand new member in my life of which I am learning to love more and more . I also am learning much more about why and how I can better be more aquainted with it's myriads of functions and how they can better serve me. With respect,frustration and determination me and my computer!

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