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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on March 30, 2011
"I was honored to write from my soul and found that this writing prompt was very worth my time I hop people enjoy it"

Give It Up!

This time of the year has really no affect on me. I think it's because after six years of prison life, life as I knew it was given up . Now the little freedoms that I missed are such a luxury to me. I had alot of time to reflect on what Christ has meant to me on a personal level. They say closer is he than hands and feet. So the death and resurrection has meant a great deal to me. On a personal level, the death of a criminal lifestyle as I knew it ,to the resurrection of a new life as I've never known it before. As time begins to redefine itself in my new lifestyle I am sure I will begin to focus on selfless acts that are important in religious matters I believe in. Today I am greatful to have givin' up the selfish behavior which has polluted my community. I would like to some day dedicate my self to forty mornings of prayer and meditation to experience the overall enhancement of the quality of my life at the end of those forty days. So just for today I am thankful!!

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