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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on November 26, 2011
" I'm very thankful to even write on this web page and to be a part of something which is a priveledge."

Give Thanks

I am thankful for my freedom
I am thankful I am no longer in prison
I am thankful I have a job
I am thankful I have a choice
I am thankful for God's grace
I am thankful for making mistakes
I am thankful I can correct them
I am thankful I have trust and faith
I am thankful for my children
I am thankful for my grandchildren
I am thankful to be alive and well
I am thankful for my home
I am thankful that I have a chance to make a difference
I am thankful for change...
I could count my blessings but they are as many as the sand on the seashore. I know that I am blessed and I try to be a blessing in other's lives as well. God has placed me in a very interesting place . I am a cook at a treatment facility . I have an opportunity to see lives being put back together or being destroyed by addiction. I have a chance to see life as a diamond, cut with many facets, and how they each shine a different hue. Just like the colors of the rainbow, so our emotions represent these colors and they all shine like prisms when direct and indirect light hits them. I am thankful for the brilliance in me and in my spirit.

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