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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on November 3, 2010

Hallowween 2010

Halloween 2010

by Mark Hudson

Reginald Watson walked by the graveyard,
Listening to the wind.
the voices echoing in his head were scarred,
He drank a bottle of gin.
He thought he heard spirits from below,
Summoning him to die.
From the grave he saw an omniprsent glow,
A drifting ghost fly by.
He raced as fast as his legs could carry,
Dropping the bottle of gin.
He thought the whole thing was scary,
He'd escaped from the looney bin.
He went under the bridge for some space,
To let his nightmare loose.
And under the shadow of his face,
He thought he saw a noose.
He raced even farther away,
Dodging the ghosts was a chore,
But no matter where else he could stray,
He went straight to the liquor store.
He went in to order a bottle,
But his voice trembled with fear.
His knees began to wobble,
As he got a case of beer.
The liquor store owner knew,
This regular customer well.
Every day he blew through,
He put the owner through hell.
So the drunk bought the case with his cash,
And drank it behind the store.
He collapsed beside the trash,
And now the drunk is no more.
So on future Halloweens,
A new drunk will haunt the grave.
It must be a bit obscene,
To not have a soul left to save!

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