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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 6, 2010
"My story about during the holiday season, how people forget what's important. the focus too often is about money."

Christmas Shopping

I heard that a lot of americans are just now paying back the debt from last year's holiday season. Now they have to go into debt for another season. Fortunately i'm an artist, and I can give original, home-made gifts. this year, I'm doing an art sale at my art school for a holiday expo. I'm hoping that people will buy some of my work so I can make a little cash around the holidays. If it doesn't sell, it would always make good gifts. I have children in my family, and they always appreciate my gifts. they are young and innocent and can appreciate the value of art. my mother and sister called me two days apart and asked what i wanted for Christmas. that was humbling because i'm not going to be able to get them much. And during this holiday season, there are ways to be giving without spending money. A friend is mad at his wealthy church because he signed up to help in a soup kitchen and he didn't read the fine print, you have to pay for some of the food yourself. Now the church is "bullying" him into paying $126.00 for the food, and that''s a lot of money. and they've been sending him emotionally abusive texts to try and get the money, and he showed them to me.
That's the wrong spirit of Christmas! there are ways you can help people without spending any money. Friday I went to do laundry in my building, and all four washing machines were available, and I thought, Cool! i'll be able to do my laundry in no time! And just as I started to put the laundry in, a beautiful blonde woman from my building walks in with laundry and says, " Oh, are you doing laundry?' And i said, " Well, we can share. How about i take these two machines, and you take those two machines," and she said, " Perfect." and I said, " Don't worry, i have all day," and she said, " So do I." Then I just grabbed a book and read it in the laundry room, and then a senior citizen came down and wanted to do laundry, so she threw in a few loads. then there were three dryers taken, and i had one last wash to put in the dryer, and so did the senior citizen. So I told the senior citizen, " Oh, why don't you go first," and she said, " No, I'd feel guilty," And I said, " No, I insist. You go first." Then i went and worked out in the exercise room that's in the building. When I got back to the laundry room nobody was there, and my last laundry load was sitting on the table, dry, so the senior citizen must've put it through the dryer, and paid for it. I had been kind to her, and therefore she was kind to me. There are ways to be kind this holiday season and giving, without giving in to consumerism!

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