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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 14, 2011
"The horrors of high school truly were that"

high school hospitilization

in high school it was rough. i grew up on the north shore and there was a lot of pressure to get good grades and get into a good college. i ended up coming down with manic-depression and bouncing in and out of psych wards. The psych wards I was in was full of gang-bangers. One day, i was in my group therapy group and a man said, " Well when i was growing up, we would take our parents real guns and go to the park and play hide and go seek and shoot at each other." And i stood up and said, " I want to go home." But my caseworker said, " You can't go home, Mark."
My roomate was always trying to make me tougher and he would do evverything but literally hit me. one time he said, " If you drink this bottle of shampoo I'll give you my army jacket." I refused.
Then one night he said, " I was playing baseball once, and this guy was making me mad, so i smashed his skull in with the baseball bat, and they called me psycho ever since!' I stood up and told the staff, and one day, he was jumping up and down on his bed saying, " I'm bleeding..I'm bleeding.." And i stood up on my bed and said " I'm bleeding...I'm bleeding.." so the nurse seperated us which is what I wanted. it was a traumatic experience but it got me out of boring high school!

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