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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on March 21, 2011
"this was a hard prompt! i kept it brief"

a poem about marriage

"Dear, do you have the Einstein wine?"
"I put it by the geometry vine."
"Do you have the Stephen Hawkings champagne?"
"We might need it for a quiz for our brain!
Do you have the Shakespeare cake?"
"Of course, would I make a mistake?"
"Do you have the Edgar Allen Poe rings?"
"They are the most joyful of all things!"
Where's little Janice Joplin, the flower girl?'
"I think she's living in her own little world!"
"Is the preacher prepared to preach from shakespeare?"
"I think our time is almost near!"
I'm grateful you are becoming my squaw-
Only one thing to fear-my mother-in-law!"

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