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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on September 13, 2011
"We know christians for their love, they are a light in the darkness. We are not against people of other religions, we believe that God wants to save every human being he creates"

my pastor's sermon on 9/11

My service yesterday

Ten years ago. my mother called me and told me to turn on the Tv and informed me about the attacks. she said, "Don't worry, because if anything happens, we'll be in Heaven." that makes me sad because over the weekend i found out my mother, who is in her seventies, just got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. tragedy is easier to deal with when it's not someone you personally know.
but what i want to talk about is my church service yesterday. a lot of christians are stereotyped by people these days, and Christians are looked down on in this country. My pastor did a special 9/11service for all the people who died in 9/11, all the family members who died, all the people who served in the military, the muslim people, even the terrorists-we prayed for them all. Jesus said to love your enemies. it was osama bin laden who wanted to kill all Christians. while i undserstand our "War on Terror" has created casualties in the middle East, sometimes of innocent people, as obama stated, we are not at war with Islam. we are at war with terrorism. and my pastor said that terrorists only actually make up 1% of the billions of muslims living in the world today. all this really shed a lot of light to me. one thing my pastor quoted from scripture is that we are not to"repay evil with evil." the government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, and in america, we have complained about the war underestimating how dangerous the world really has become. Some people predicted there would be a terrorist attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. there wasn't. but i happened to notice there were terrorist attacks In india by the al queda, on innocent people. I guess history has been full of people such as these, people who seek power, to take over, to create bloodshed, and destroy freedom. there was a 9/11 peace walk where christians in my community started a peace walk starting at a mosque, where they went to the mosque to assure the worshippers there they meant no ill-will towards them, ending at a jewish temple to tell them the same. my pastor quoted nelson Mandela, and as he did, he became a little teary-eyed, and i could tell it was real, not fake, and i quote nelson Mandela through my pastor, "Without forgiveness, there is no future." I care about my country. and i'm sorry about all the people who died in 9/11, and these wars in the middle east. but this is part of Biblical prophecy. and no, if Jesus were to return to earth today, i would not be ready. why should i judge the speck in your eye, oh reader, when I have a plank in mine? I am just a sinner saved by the grace of God. i don't fear Armageddon. an eternity spent with the real God will be wonderful. i'm not expecting a palace full of virgins though, but that would be nice...but i think it's going to be even better than that!

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