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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 25, 2011
"Had to attend my uncle's funeral the day before Christmas, it hasn't been easy"

More ups and downs for the holidays

It was not the easiest christmas, but it's almost over On Friday, I went to Ohio, for my uncle Pete's funeral. A lot of people showed up in support to show he was a well-loved man. I thought I learned more about my uncle in that day then I knew all my life about him. I found out he was a good listener and would always listen to people's stories and then repeat them to his family. he was a good provider for my two cousins and their children. They found two bracelets for his two daughters that were started in the 70's that said, "Merry Christmas, from daddy," snd he added a charm every year. It was almost like he knew he was going to die around Christmas all along!
Then there was a party at my aunt norma's with plenty of food. I entertained the children by doing sketches of them. the sketches weren't my best, i was doing quick sketches, but it can take hours to do a decent portrait. but the children loved it anyhow. my second cousin Vicky loved the sketch of her daughter Hattie, the first sketch I did. "we'll put a frame on this one," she said.
then we drove back to illinois and went back to church for a Christmas Eve service. it was a good srvice, and I liked some of the holiday art that people did. And there was a video they showed that started out with the phrase'You are loved" and showed the story about a man who almost lost his wife to death when she went to the emergency room, and spomeone from the church came to the hospital and prayed and she fully recovered. i thought about my uncle and this man's story about his uncle. I felt, yes maybe God does love me! Maybe these things are happening for a reason!
then I went to church on Sunday morning and the pastor told a story where a man came up to him and said, "I hate God." I'm glad he said that, because I love God, but sometimes I get angry with him, and I think that is okay. One time my regualr pastor said, "How many of you have ever been angry with God?' and most people raised their hands, and the pastor said. "If you've never been angry with God, you haven't lived long enough." i was angry at God that my unccle died, and my mom has cancer, but today I spent Christmas day with my parents, sister and brother-in-law, niece and nephew. mY niece and nephew got tons of toys. In fact one of the gifts they have is a new puppy named Spot. we took it for a walk, and it was fun. Now we're going to have ham, and if I can just make it through new year's eve and day i will be good to go for 2012, unless the Mayans happen to be correct and the world will end in 2012!
I don't when this world will end, but with God life is forever. My uncle used to teach sunday school when he was young, but he kind of drifted away. but the guy who did his funeral, said, "he wasn't much of a church attendee, but he lived his faith through works and deeds.' and I believeb that's true. It made me feel that hopefully my uncle is spending Christmas in Heaven with all the ancestors. I don't know who God intends to put in his book of life, sometimes I wonder if I'm, even in it. But on christmas day 2011, everything is okay. Merry Christmas to all!

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