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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 11, 2012
"The true story about how the mentally ill have nightmares, and it is their medication that causes this"

Nightmares and voices

Voices and nightmares

This is a story not about decisions, but about how the mentally ill and the medication they take can cloud their decision-making process, and also how some medications produce bad nightmares. where i live, mentall illness is almost the norm. it's sad to see the homeless, the medicated people, but some people overcome and do better. most mentally ill people are creative, but if life deals them too rough of a card, they can never make a comeback.
i am one of the ones who overcame many obstacles. i have my own apartent, i get to take art classes, i belong to a writing workshop, i am doing as good as a person could do in my situation.
but i wanted to talk about wierd dreams, because the meds do seem to produce this side effect. i had a nightmare that i was at a death metal concert and the lead singer brought me back stage and tried to convert me to Satanism. then he had three kids and i had to adopt them because he was a bad role model.
Another friend, a mentally ill lady said her meds have been giving her nightmares lately, too. She said she had a dream a man with no legs was trying to gouge out her eyes and steal her soul, and another dream where she had a soda pop can that was electrocuting her.
And i had a dream last night that i was still living at home, and my sister was cooking some hot dogs on a stove, and I said, "Do you want these?" and she said, "No you can have them," and then a homeless man appeared out of nowhere and began to eat them. My dad appeared and said, "hey those are my son's! give them back to him!" and i said "that's enough Republican talk for now." and the homeless man said, "I'm sorry!' and gave me the hot dogs back, half eaten, and i ate them! don't any of you psychology would-be students analyze any of these dreams!
I kind of know why I had the dream about the hot dogs. I heard a man say he was serving at a Thanksgiving feast and these rich people were going to throw a bunch of food out, so he scraped things together and got 7 pounds of turkey. He said, "those people just don't know what it is like to suffer." yes, it can be rather ridicilous. I was in the post office and a lady next to me who looked rich took a priority box and re-used it(probably not just to recycle, although that's possible) and the postmaster said, "If you send it this way you'll have to send it the expensive way." and the lady said, "Can't you just cross the label out?' and the postmaster said, "No, you can't!" that's kind of funny. it's a small victory! ha! All in all i'm rambling, it would help if I got more sleep, but those nightmares mess me up!

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