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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 25, 2013
"Owning a car can be a blessing or a curse. It is a great
invention, but will their be cars that fly in the future?
Science fiction is fiction one day, reality tomorrow"

Dependent on the train

A commuter without a car

Mark Hudson

When I grew up, I didn't get far,
I didn't learn how to drive a car.
People had cars and acted superior,
but you should've seen the car's interior.
people who have cars have a lot of pride,
And how dare you say,"Can I get a ride?"
There is a recession going on in the nation,
gas costs a lot, because of inflation.
I ride the train, save money as a commuter,
and check my e-mail at the library computer.
It all adds up to dollars and sense,
saving money is the best defense!
I hear drivers complain about the others,
some might join drunk drivers against mothers.
If you kill someone while driving you'll feel bad,
You'll wish that your car was a thing not had.
As I get on the train it's hard to explain,
that some of the people I see are insane.
Lately, people are scared to go to the city,
And I think it really is quite a pity.
The pickpockets here have incredible skill,
they want your wallet to pay their bills.
If they take your wallet, it is your turn,
to realize that money is nothing to burn.
Some people say the environment suffers,
from pollution from cars, is anything tougher?
I suppose that the environment will always be dirty,
The world may be unlivable by 2030.
So if you work, why don't you carpool,
A fancy car no longer makes you cool!

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