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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on May 6, 2013
"a poem about the senses,"

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and Ears

Mark Hudson

I have a pastor who'se son was born without hearing,
they prayed that his hearing would be reappearing.
But no matter how hard they prayed it seemed,
his hearing being restored only a dream.
Yet, he grew up to be a follower of God,
may sound crazy, or perhaps even odd.
Another time, they were in a bad neighborhood,
they came across a gangbanger who was no good.
He was a ruffian, he caused many tears,
but he was also deaf in both ears.
They prayed for the man, and his ears were healed,
but the gangbanger still found no god was revealed.
I have another friend who has problems with his eyes,
I've prayed and prayed he would get a suprise.
To God he feels like he's under a curse,
and his eyesight continues to get much worse.
Once in a sermon, they talked about the youth,
on a Mexican mission trip, to teach the truth.
A Mexican boy was blind in both eyes,
God gave them a total suprise.
God said, "Spit in the mud, and rub it in his eyes,"
the boy could now see, and it was a suprise.
For those of us who have all our senses,
When are we going to come to our senses?
I can't tell you how much complaining I hear,
from people, I wish I could close my ears.
Whiners, who never find time to appreciate,
a single thing that some just contemplate.
God is still doing miracles today,
It reminds me of the constant need to pray.

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