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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on June 17, 2013
"Art is a difficult topic to study. Some people think art
is easy to do. Just like being a garbageman, or cleaning
up toilets. But most of us have done those jobs already."

Art school is fun

I like school, because I study art

Mark Hudson

I never want my schooling to end.
When I'm on break, I'm bored to tears.
Art education can be your friend.
It will bring you plenty of cheer.
My school may be closing, which offends.
I guess it's something that I fear.
Artists need others, so they don't pretend.
Non-creatives always tend to sneer.
As the city lurches, darkness descends.
They want us to drown in a cesspool of beer.
Artists are better off with no money to spend.
The lures of wealth make it perfectly clear.
Everyone tells me I need to get a job,
But art is the best thing, or else I will rob.

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