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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 1, 2013
"Going on a trip. Having panic attacks about going, but a
vacation is what i really need."

Vacation panic

My coming trip to Ohio

I'm going on a family vacation,
getting ready brings frustration.
I love my family, yes I do,
but I'm looking back to things I knew.
Being around family can bring stress,
but sometimes, you just have to say 'yes."
Sometimes your family can push your buttons,
like when they remind you you are a glutton.
We're going to have plenty of barbecues,
and I like to be in charge of the food I choose.
"Try a little of this, or try a little of that,"
Or "How did you ever get so fat?"
Some people starve, or go on a diet,
but I'd rather not, and just be quiet.
If you're going to have a barbecue, do it right,
eat until there's no food in sight.
I don't need pointers on table manners,
for the fourth of July, the star-spangled banner.
I hope I don't ruin the trip by complaining,
but I cannot always be entertaining.
No one in my family is just another clone,
Each individual stands alone.
I know they might ask some questions,
and eating burgers, I'll have indigestion.
I haven't been able to get prepared,
I think in a way, I'm kind of scared.
Last year, I slept in my uncle's room,
he died, and so it made me assume,
that his ghost might be in the room at night,
it made it strange to turn out the light.
And I did really have some strange dreams,
and reality is not always what it seems.
The focus of the trip is not on me,
my cousin's kid got her high school degree.
Two children are having a birthday,
while I slowly turn old and gray.
A vacation is probably what I need,
My brain is something you'd hate to read.
Incoherent thoughts bombard each other,
It's taken a whole lifetime to recover.
Nobody gets to choose their families,
We're all related in some degree.
So if we supposedly came from apes,
Humans must be evolving back to that state!

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