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This page contains a listing of all writings by Douglas from 2007.

Most Popular Writings by Douglas

Chisel, Hammer, Stone
The Stable
Jake's Dark and Stormy Night of the Soul
Hope's Ugly Sister
Mankind Is Good, and Getting Better
Two Brothers and a Funeral
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Nick (The Boy with Half a Brain)

More writings listed chronologically

One Special Christmas Gift
I Dont Beleve in Santa Clos
The Stable
The Shelter
The Toyota
Shepherds and Sheep Await the Dawn
The Best Christmas Ever!
In Memory of Constance Hunting
Seventy Times Seven
Special Days
Crying at a Funeral
First Day Back to School
The Televangelist
It Felt Like the End of the World
Mount Megunticook, and a Dented Car
October Climb
Let the Oppressed Go Free and Break Every Yoke
As It Has Been, As It Always Will Be
Diabolical and Deviously Deceptive Dodos
Play Bee Toys Call Center
Mountain Summit on a Gray Day
Calling 9-1-1
Rustling, Whispering, Dying
Fibonacci Poem about Fibonacci
William Goes Shopping
Cadillac Mountain Sunrise
Integrity, Maine
First Name, Middle Name
I Wish I Understood the Human Brain
Jake's Dark and Stormy Night of the Soul
Fifteen Minutes of Fiction
The Phone Bill
Pumping Gas
September Morning - Haiku
Starry Night Far from the City
George's Firewood
A Bird in the Hand

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