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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on November 20, 2007
"When I was a student at the University Of Maine, I waited three semesters to get into a class that was exceedingly popular and difficult to schedule: Creative Writing, with Constance Hunting.

I found out this morning that she passed away last year. This poem is not much of a memorial - really, this site is probably a much better memorial to her than the poem, since she instilled in her students the belief that any of us can be creative."

In Memory of Constance Hunting

Kind and soft-spoken, with frank, encouraging words
that sparked imagination at the end of creativity
and made us believe in the power of inspiration -
a generous gift from the universe to each of us;
she inspired us to return that gift improved, ten-fold.

With a keen sense of wonder at the strangeness of life,
the wildness and beauty of the world around us,
and the peculiar blend of mismatched students
whose presence did not always grace her classroom;
she must have been amused - but she never let on.

Her words, swiftly scrawled on poems lost long ago,
her checkmarks, penned with delightful abandon -
blazing the passage of our innovation and her pleasure -
they linger still in memory, still encourage and inspire,
though we have moved on, and her pen is now still.

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