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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on November 18, 2007

Special Days

Chocalate candies in valentine shapes,
Delivered with fond affection.
Cupid darting here and there
Visiting madness on unsuspecting hearts

Fine dresses with ribbons and bows,
Springtime suits with bright colored ties
Colored eggs hidden with care,
Discovered with greatest delight.

Splashes of light
Flooding darkened skies.

Secret identities hidden with masks
Mysterious creatures inhabit the night
Jokes and pranks and clever games
And candy for everyone.

Families gathered together in celebration
Laughing, sharing, delighting
Seated with joy around the feasting table
Generations bound in familial love

Excited dreams of candy canes
Of fat little men in bright red suits
Glittering tinsel on the tree
And colorful packages sealed with bows

A new year comes with laughter and joy
Another one slips away unnoticed, forgotten.
As time move on - steady, indifferent,
Unwavering, unheeding -
I'm thankful for those special days
That mark for us its passing.

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