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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on October 19, 2007
"I was thinking about some teenagers I know when I wrote this..."


Ask me "How are you?" and I'll tell you "Fine." Ask me "How's it going?" and I'll say "Great." I'll even throw in a "How 'bout you?" and expect to hear the same in return.

But sit with me for just a while; look into my eyes, watch my face, wait for the fleeting smile that never comes. Tell me a joke, and notice that I don't laugh when you think I should. Tell me a story and watch my smile come in all the wrong places, and the tears, when you least expect them.

Talk to me for just a minute. When I scowl and turn up my nose, walking away without an answer, stare at my retreating back with bewilderment. But even though you don't understand, forgive me, and tomorrow try to talk to me again. Watch me laugh and cry again, and then maybe, just maybe, if you ask me "What's wrong?" instead of "How's it going?"...

I might just tell you.

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