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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 26, 2008
"This is kind of silly, but this week I was thinking that the FMOF site has been pretty slow (not a lot of new stuff posted) and the phrase that went through my mind was "slower than molasses".

So when I started this poem out my intent was, it was going to be a poem bemoaning how slow the site is this week, but as you can see, it changed direction. :)"

Ode to Molasses

This week I was thinking of sweet, thick molasses,
With flavor and texture that nothing surpasses,
Enjoyed to its fullest by both lads and lasses,
And tasty enough to be used by the masses.
I challenge you now to find food that surpasses;
Not steak, not chicken, neither halibuts nor basses.
If you gave me the chance I'd chug down ten glasses -
Though then I'd be filled with alacks! and alases!
For as every good vet will learn in their classes:
Any horse that binges on grain and molasses
Always passes

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