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Eighth grader Neha, from New Delhi asks the following question: "I want a set of maths questions of any level with solutions for my holiday homework."

Well, Neha, I'm always happy to see students wanting to do math while on holiday, so I'll make a couple suggestions for you. Of course, I don't know what you've studied, so it's tough to guess what kind of problems you want, but we have a lot of math problems on this site.

You may have noticed our "Pro Problems" section, which is quite large, and getting larger all the time. There are both math and physics problems there, and the math problems cover subjects from basic algebra through pre-calculus topics. Of course, this isn't what you're looking for, because these problems don't have solutions publicly displayed. Those problems are designed for teachers to assign to students, so solutions are only available to teachers.

So instead, if you want to see solutions as well, you can try this page: Maine Association of Math Leagues Problems. These problems were written over the course of several years to help some math competitors get ready for competitions. Some of the problems were written by me, and some of them were written by Sasha, a young man who did exceptionally well in those math competitions.

If you're looking for a harder challenge, you might try Graeme's High School Math Problems, Graeme wrote some very creative and quite challenging problems for this site, over the course of several years.

In these sections, the solutions can be displayed, so you can check your work. Each problem has a clear explanation, not just an answer.

I hope you have fun with your "holiday math!"

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