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A Child's Book of Art helps introduce young children to art history, or even just art in general, using relatable categories such as pets, family, outdoors, etc. This is one of the largest books we have, and so the pictures are big and easy for children to inspect carefully if they feel like it.

Each category includes several paintings from a large range of time periods and painters. Art history can also become a discussion about history in general, as children get to see portraits of children their age dressed very differently!

Even though I'm not much of an "art person," I still enjoy reading this book with my kids. I recognized a name here and there, and maybe even learned something myself.

Scrounged From:

Format: Hardcover
Author: Lucy Micklethwait
Pages: 64
Content Advisory: Fairly clean for art history, but some barely noticable nudity in a couple places.

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