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Clue #2: Longitude

According to Trevor The Terrible's treasure map, the second clue will help us find the longitude of the treasure.

Longitude is a measure of how far east or west of the Prime Meridian something is. A positive number is east of the Prime Meridian, and a negative number is west of the Prime Meridian.

All we have to do to find the treasure's longitude is to figure out the Roman Numeral sum before.

Roman Numerals are numbers which were once used by the Romans, long ago. These numbers are not at all like our numbers we use. When numbers are written with Roman Numerals, they have lots of X's and L's and V's and I's in them!

Here's the Roman Numeral Puzzle:

If you multiply an X by a V, and subtract two I's, Then add in an L and subtract an X and two V's, you'll find the longitude of the treasure!

Once you figure out the Roman Numeral Puzzle, put the answer in the space below. This is the treasure's Longitude.

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