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Clue #5: The First Mate

If you've made it to the right landmark, then you're ready to embark on the next phase of your pirate treasure quest - you need to find Trevor's first mate, who is waiting for you at this location, to give you the key to the treasure chest!

The only problem is, Trevor The Terrible didn't tell us his first mate's name!

All Trevor has given us is a series of riddles. If you can figure out the riddles, then you can find the right man.

Each riddle's answer is a single letter of the alphabet.

Unlucky Letter
Indefinite Article
Verb "to be"
Sailing away on the...

Every kiss ends with...
Dorothy's Aunt
Drink with jam and bread
A Ladder

Have you figured out the mystery man's name? Type it in the space below. (Note: Capitalization does not matter!)

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