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Clue #6: Pacing It Off

Trevor The Terrible's Treasure Map now tells you how many paces due south you should walk in order to find the treasure.

But as always, Trevor is being a bit...sneaky...about the whole thing. The number of paces is listed as a series of puzzles...

I don't know all the answers, but I can give you a hint...if you saw this:

??? S in a M, the answer would be 60 because there are sixty SECONDS in a MINUTE!

Here's another...if you saw this:

G and the ??? B 

The answer would be 3, because of GOLDILOCKS and the 3 BEARS!

Got it? See what you can figure out!

??? Q in a D
S W and the ??? D
??? H in a D
??? Y in a C

Did you figure them all out? Now add up your answers in the space below!

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