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Clue #4: A Landmark

I'm afraid I can't help you out very much with this clue - I don't understand what Trevor The Terrible was thinking when he wrote this clue. He just listed a bunch of landmarks, and I don't know which one is the landmark you're supposed to go to!

If you're a really well traveled tourist who has visited places all over the world, maybe you can figure out what this list means. And if you're not a well traveled tourist , the only thing I can think of that will help you out is, maybe a google search will help you figure out which of these landmarks we're supposed to go to!

And here's the list of landmarks!

Waikiki Beach
The Louvre
The Great Wall Of China
Sydney Bridge
Niagra Falls
Mount Vesuvius
Leaning Tower Of Piza
Hussain Sagar
Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Which of these landmarks does Trevor The Terrible want you to visit, in order to find his treasure?

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