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Puzzle #6: Overly Verbose

I hope you're enjoying this Treasure Hunt; I worked hard on
 it, and slaved for hours over it. I gave special attention to 
each page to make it a unique and fun experience for you.
 They say "If you build it, they will come." And that's good, but
I always say "Build it well and they'll keep coming back."
 I hope that you'll keep coming back to work on each puzzle.
Have you ever noticed I sometimes take 1000 words to say
 what could be said with just 500? I'm like that sometimes - 
I've got a clue for you, and you have to pay close attention 
 to figure it out. Sometimes every detail is important 
to notice. Other times you can utterly disregard and throw
 away most - if not all - of what I say. After all, I tend to spew
out a plethora of words. Certainly, most clues are easy if you
 realize that I've got something hidden up my sleeve. So 
just consider that the answer to this clue absolutely has to be 
 a simple and obvious thing for those who read carefully and 
think. It's that easy. But some people won't figure it out, 
 because they're spaced out and not paying attention, 
and they'll just get frustrated by this little exercise. 

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