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X Marks The Spot

At the end of every good treasure hunt, there's always that one last moment when you stand in front of the spot marked "X" on your map and wonder, "Is this REALLY the right spot? Is there REALLY a treasure buried here? Or have I been on a fool's errand all this time? Did I miss something along the way? Misinterpreted a clue, perhaps? Maybe I'm MILES from the right spot, and I'll end up digging to CHINA before I find anything!"

At that moment, you face a decision. To dig? Or not to dig? It has a sort of Shakespearean quality to it, in a twisted sort of way. A wise treasure hunter will carefully review what he has done, and the steps he has taken which brought him to this point, so he won't dig in vain.

So, before you start digging, I'll give you one last chance to review all your answers you've given. I need to warn you, you want to make sure you're satisfied with your answers before you continue, because every time you start digging in the wrong place, I will reduce the size of the prize in your treasure chest!

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